Making Ideas Actionable

We know how to take a business need for digital solutions and translate it into a plan

Having done over 50 strategy sessions across different industries, our methodology will help you win in the marketplace.

1. Research & Competitive Analysis

We start by listening. We know you are the experts on your customers and business. We also know that our fresh point-of-view combined with our knowledge of the digital marketplace can help. Once we understand enough of your business needs, we begin our market research. Through direct competition analysis, engagement competition analysis, and art-of-the-possible analysis, we are able to help inform decision making.

2. Facilitated Ideation & Strategy Session

The best collaboration is achieved with different perspectives in a room together. Together, we bring the right perspectives within your company which can represent your stakeholders. This often includes C-level executives, marketing, sales, customer service, operations, and technology, founders and advisors. In our one day session, we review the business need and the competitive analysis followed by walking through a unique ideation and prioritization process which helps us develop a plan for a minimal viable product (MVP) to validate the solution.

3. Document an Actionable & Measurable Plan

“Strategy without execution is hallucination.” We know the success of a strategy is not how people feel at the end of our session, but rather is measured by the results of the execution of the strategy. We take the results of the strategy session and create an actionable and measurable plan for a MVP.

What you can expect to receive after a strategy session:

  • Competitive analysis including art-of-the-possible from adjoining spaces
  • Strategy session outputs including business goals mapped to your audience journey with moments and features detailed.
  • Reasonable and obtainable MVP plan marrying technical insight, feasibility, and business goals.
  • Buy-in from your peers since they were involved in the planning process and had their ideas and opinions heard

What do you need to start?

  • Identify the business leaders (marketing, sales, technology, customer service, operations, etc)
  • Detail the business goals
  • Help coordinate a strategy session date with your leaders and our business, technology, and user experience experts

Have a digital need that can move the needle?

We’re here to help companies execute on digital solutions.