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Let us walk you through our process

Stage 1:

Research & Discovery

Customers increased demand for engagement is the source of ongoing and massive disruption across industries.  To win – we have to exceed expectations and engage our customers. We are ready to win those battles with you. We have worked closely, over the past 5 years, to help businesses develop award-winning strategies.

We start by asking questions to understand your distinct business complexities, gain alignment with your team & ours, and to understand the problem or business goal. We research tirelessly solutions common in the marketplace for your problem. This may include other industries or other technologies in the digital domain. We then come together with key stakeholders from your business to ideate on the best ways to engage your customers. This results in a strategic plan which sets the stage for Applicability & Design.

Stage 2:

Design & Validation

Once we finalize a strategy, we design ideas to visually express your brand and desired engagement experiences. We work together to build experiential and visual designs based on detailed conversations with stakeholders, user research, digital trends, and competitive analysis.

We then work to create and validate a proof-of-concept. A proof-of-concept, sometimes also called an alpha, beta, or pilot, is our way of getting early market validation. We have seen many projects with broken assumptions spend too much time building even a “minimally viable” solution that never gets early validation. We will help you build and execute on a plan for a proof-of-concept that will include testing with a representative audience.

Stage 3:

Execution Delivery

We develop and implement your solution.  We architect solutions based on your individual needs, best interests, infrastructure, and business strategy.  We analyze all limitations, providing outside-of-the-box technical solutions for areas which have high ROI.  Our development architecture is holistic, meaning any language, full technical stack, and platforms including web, mobile, wearables and whatever comes next…

We have a highly acclaimed quality assurance process which ensures that all deliverables are ready for launch prior to deployment.  We work with you to deploy your application wherever needed: to Google Play, the iTunes App Store or to your servers.

Stage 4:

Cognitive Optimization

Finally,  we optimize.  We review our goals set in strategy and review the measures to ensure we are reaching our goals.  If not, we pivot and from our learnings plan what things need to be addressed to optimize the user engagement and ensure we are reaching our goals. We love using data to help our clients understand their application data in order to tap incremental revenue streams, improve customer loyalty and improve business efficiency.

Customer engagement is a continual process. We know that learning about their behavior through analytics and monitoring is the best way to ensure you are delivering the content and experience to continue of conversation. Just as each of these stages are a process, analyzing applications to improve based on customer feedback, sentiment, and analytics is a key process.

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