Meeting Your Customers Where They Are
27 Jan 2017

Meeting Your Customers Where They Are

“I don’t want to download that, I am out of space on my phone,” said a customer at a local Mexican restaurant who was trying to offer their customer a free queso if they downloaded their app. I downloaded their app and it basically had a menu and a pretty poor order-ahead system that could have been on a mobile website alone. I kept it on my phone and even used it once – waiting for their payout. How would they connect with me?  There was nothing – no loyalty system and no engagement. That lady was smart not to download the app.

When we work with companies focusing on solutions for their customers we often talk about increasing engagement of the loyal customers first and then converting more customers into loyal customers. That Mexican food app had potential. What if I can earn points every time I ordered?  What if I got a free queso every time I used the app? What if they simply made me aware of their specials which are usually great?  In the face of no features that increased my engagement, I was left to wonder, would they have been better off meeting customers where they are?

In the face of not knowing how to engage your customers and increase loyalty, meeting customers where they are is very powerful. What is the least common denominator for companies to start engaging their customers on mobile devices? We did some research on this and found that simply starting with the ability to text customers and employees was a great place to start.  At Monkey Bread Technologies, Kapok Digital’s partner in app development, we created a new system for engaging customers through text messaging called Hoptree.
Hoptree is simply one shared text number for a company or a team within a company. Companies have a single phone number to call, then a single email address to use, and now with Hoptree provides a single text number a team can use together to communicate.  

Our experience building Hoptree has turned us into experts on building text messaging into applications and systems. We have done some amazing apps for digital engagement for companies engaging their most loyal audience. We believe we can use the experience Hoptree has given us to help also attack the other side in engagement by helping companies meet customers where they are at via text and help our partners increase the loyalty of their consumers.

When we discuss our mobile marketing engagement model, we often are trying to help customers start those two way conversations that increase loyalty.  An app is not always required to do that.  We view the app as the best solution for your most loyal audience, but text may be the entry to push people towards an app. The best part is, we can integrate text into the flow of how you do things today.
If you are interested in how your business can meet customers where they are at via text, please contact us and let us help you develop a strategy today

If you are interested in how your business can meet customers where they are at via text, please contact us and let us help you develop a strategy today.