Digital Technology: In the news this week of December 12th
16 Dec 2016

Digital Technology: In the news this week of December 12th

In case you missed, these are some news articles we found of interesting.  Read on.   

  • Airbnb says it is a solution to the problem of growing middle-class inequality.  Airbnb’s disruption has not been welcomed into every market has welcomed . It had been pushing back on a law introduced in New York City in October that imposes penalties on people who post short-term apartment rentals.  Last week Airbnb agreed to drop the lawsuit if regulators pursue hosts, not the platform.  Link
  • 60% of ecommerce sites do not auto detect city and state inputs based on user’s postal code.  Providing your users a better experience with auto detecting moves a user thru the funnel faster.  link here
  • Bye bye Beepi : what we learned from Beepi is a good reminder that not all digital transformation will gain traction.  “Everyone who has been successful has realized that used cars are unique, depreciating assets, and the margins are shrinking because the Internet allows consumers to choose more freely between vehicles,” Haig said. “You have to be a good retailer, not just a software developer.”
  • WSJ article discusses if America is too risk averse and that is throttling innovation.  Are we really out of big ideas?  Link

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