Delivering Apps – On-time with Maximum Value
31 May 2017

Delivering Apps – On-time with Maximum Value

Being in the app development business, we often hear the horror stories of failed projects. They may be

  1. Internally staffed by people who didn’t know how to build an app
  2. Staffed by a local contractor who claimed app expertise or even had successfully delivered an app
  3. Off-shored to a team who seemed cost-effective at an hourly rate and maybe even promised a cap on expenses to “prove themselves”


By themselves, none of these are indicators that a project will fail.  However, our experience says the failure rate of these are extremely high and costly.  The first app you put out gets a percent of your loyal base.  The second app as you try to repair a mistake gets a significantly lower percent of your loyal base.  So how do you fix this?

First, we push to start all of our projects with strategy in order to be laser focused at your audience engagement and provide something with value to them. We want to see every project we are a part of succeed, so playing on the right field is the most important first step.  How does your customer find value in the app – to give up precious real estate on their phone?  A strategy will help hone in on what the business needs for the app to deliver ROI as well as what the customer needs for their own personal ROI.  

Second, develop the right solution the first time.  Does this mean every app we create is perfect?  No!  But we push every feature we create to test a hypothesis in the most efficient way.  Sometimes that is a proof of concept or sometimes it is the first version of the app. I remember the insistence of a retailer making locations a large icon inside their app. We conceded and said, let’s track how many people use it though. Not many people ever touched it and completed a location search within the app. Why? Because Google. People would search in Google or Google Maps and expect to get location, hours, phone numbers, etc.  

Finally, developing apps may not be for the inexperienced. If you believe in your business that you have one chance to make a good first impression – then know that you want to do it right the first time.  If you have internal staff itching to build an app – let them work with an experienced team for that first launch or relaunch.  Then they can see for themselves some of the things they need to look for and what they need to know about the app stores.  We fixed bid most of our projects because we have the experience to know what it takes to deliver the apps. We have delivered all apps on time at Kapok Digital. We hear horror stories of apps going on endlessly and development never ending. We ensure you that we won’t do that and offer to introduce you to our customers and references who verify that.

We believe finding maximum value for clients starts with a good strategy, verifies the hypotheses around engagement, and completes with delivering a solution on time and in budget.  If you have people trying to give you a nebulous price, prove themselves through your work, or who want to just build whatever you tell them without giving you input back – talk to us about how we can give you a separate quote and path for delivery.