BULLIT wins for Best Designed Mobile App
30 Mar 2017

BULLIT wins for Best Designed Mobile App

HUGE news! BULLIT wins for Best Designed Mobile App. #winning

BULLIT has been our partner from the beginning of Kapok Digital.   We are so excited to have their app (and our work) honored as Best Designed Mobile App.  That means BULLIT is one of the best-looking, most intuitive, creative and unique mobile designs. BULLIT is an app not only with the most gorgeous mobile design, logo, layouts and color schemes but also focuses on creating an engaging user experiences and interactions.  


What is BULLIT?

BULLIT is the first professional social network that highlights your personal traits as professional assets. They believe that the most important part of your professional life is the person behind the resume. BULLIT allows you to ask for anonymous reviews from your network to tailor a profile of the things that make you great at your job: your leadership, creativity, trustworthiness, and more.  Learn more at BULLIT.me

Feedback from their users:

“This product gets to the heart of what makes an office function: the personalities and soft skills of the people who work there.” – Tyler, NY

“This is LinkedIn for the next generation. Finally – professional content that’s interesting and personal.” – Mike, CA

“I’m more than a worker-bee. Now I can show what makes me great at my job!” – Anna, MA


We love designing innovative solutions that are not only beautiful but engage your users in the way they want to interact.  We are ready to create the next award winning app with you! Are you ready to get started? Contact Us.