Who Are We?

We are extremely creative people who are passionate about growing your businesses with technology.

Bridging the Digital Divide

After focusing on transforming enterprise digital and mobile solutions, we’ve come together to help businesses, like yours, bridge the digital divide. We leverage our experiences to scale and build sustainable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

A New Kind of Company

Owners. Not Employees.

We set out to create a NEW kind of company.
So, we started one that’s 100% employee owned. One that partners with businesses and talented professionals to build digital solutions.

What Separates Us?

Our team of experts will take on your project as if it was their own.

Kristal York

“A great strategy must include defining business goals, understanding the audience, assessing the right risks, and validating assumptions constantly.”

Andy Ivory

“Leaders are always those who innovate and deliver. If you want to direct the future of your business, you must regularly be creating new business value.”

Erik Burckart

“We live in a world that demands engagement. People want to personally connect to brands in ways most relevant to them. We must find ways to engage or risk being ignored.”

Scott Shockley

“The core of our business is to provide digital capabilities which overcome barriers and help you engage internal or external customers in ways that will help drive growth.”

Jeff Battin

“Users are not only expecting digital experiences to fit into their everyday lives, but they expect it to make life easier, delightful and effortless to use. “ 


“Interested in seeing your mug here? So are we. Contact us and we can chat about it.”